Never lose your childish innosence

Well. It took a bit time to get to vol 2 (vol1 you’ll find here). What can I do when there are so many (more?) important things happening, that I almost forgot I promised to share my TOP3 places for children and childish people in Lillehammer area. 

1. The place I suggest to visit FIRST when in Lillehammer area is the Norsk vegmuseum – the Norwegian Road museum. 
I had been walking there once before, and it was really really pretty, but as I am not a fan of cars or roads, I thoght the museum is not my cup of tea. Big mistake to think that. This is one of the coolest museums I have visited. Interactive, fun, with a lot of activities for big(ger) and small(er). We just popped in for a second, because we had visitors from Estonia and had a bit spare time. The second lasted for two hours. We just had so much fun there! Our favorite was the “drunken glasses experience” where you can test how straight you will walk when under the influence. Let’s say that I failed compleatly. 
And the best part? It’s all FREE. We will be back quite soon!

2.  I´ve been to Lilleputthammer once before, I think it was 14 years ago, I remember my sister was still a “baby” – 11yrs old. I could never have imagined to come back here with my own child. Now that Lillehammer is our hometown, I knew exactly where I need to go with her. To Lilleputthammer of course!
It is the most amazing family park on Earth (okay, I haven’t been to Disneyland, but I am sure Lilleputthammer is at least one of the most incredible places to visit with children), located 16 km from Lillehammer in Øyeris. Britt Ida was from Øyer, by the way, she lived on the highest mountain in a little fairy tale house. Driving to Øyer was emotional for me, it brought back so many memories. My first Christmas in Norway, my second Christmas in Norway, my third Christmas in Norway in JULY with my sister, my mom and my uncle. I had wished my sister could see experience the “Britt Ida Christmas” and  when we some years later visited her and Camilla in July, she remembered it. We had a traditional Christmas dinner and got Christmas presents. I got my own kransekake forms…
But back to Lilleputthammer. Almost as old as me (built in 1982) and is a miniture version of Lillehammer’s main street Storgata with many of the historical houses that were in Lillehammer in 1930’s. 
3. Hunderfossen is a…I don’t even have words for this place. The amusement park is quite expensive, but boy, there are so many things to do, so I promise every penny you spend is worth the experience. Yes, also for adults! I went there last year (read HERE) and yes, things didn’t go as perfectly as I had planned in my head, but this year Ida has grown, and so am I as a mother, so when we go now – I am sure we will have the time of our life. 
When you go there, don’t forget to take with you the picnic basket! When the weather is nice, there’s harder to think of a nicer place for a family picnic!

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