My top10 places in Oslo

I often get asked what to visit/see when in Norway. I cannot say I know all the tourist attractions, so this post is just a suggestion of places I have visited, I would visit again and can suggest to visit.

1. My absolute favorite place in Oslo is Oslo Operahouse. The white marble and glass house sparkles like a glacier in Oslofjord. And this is the world’s first – and only!- opera house on which you can walk up onto the roof! Views from the top stretch as fas as the eye can see over Oslofjord.
And the modern part of Oslo which is called Barcode is right there. If you’ll like modern arhitecture, you love this funky part of town. FREE


2. Vigelandsparken was my favorite place in Oslo until they built the opera house, It is one of Norway’s most visited attractions, life work of Gustav Vigeland with more than 200 sculptures in bronze and granite. Sinnataggen and Monolith are of course the most famous sculptures. 
I sometimes miss having the possibility to go there every weekend, in every weather, when I felt like. 

3. I love walking on Aker brygge. It’s a district for shopping, restaurants and night life, but it is absolutely fantastic to walk around, look at the boats and be part of the vibe of a Norwegian city. And it’s free to walk there, unless you start shopping of course;)


4.  Skiing is important in Norway, so Holmenkollen is a must see for everyone who’s into sports (history). Holmenkollen hosted Winter Olympics in 1952, it also has a ski musem with free entrence. AND a wonderful view to the city again – if you like taking pictures;)  FREE

5.Oslo City Hall, Botanical Garden and Grünerlökka – the local hipsterville, Akershus Fortess are also worth a visit, especially when travelling on a budget. For overview over museums with free admission go to, there are also some museums which have free entrence on Thursdays. 
6. And of course a walk on Karl Johan – the main street.  The street starts at railway station and leads to the Royal Palace.

7. Again I have to say that this is one of my favorite places – The Bygdoy “museum island” with open air museum, Viking Ship Museum, Fram museum (which hosts world’s most famous polar ship and introduces us three polar explorers) and Kon- Tiki museum. All the museums are interesting, but for me Kon-Tiki was the most fun. I mean to see the rafts on which T. Heyerdahl travelled across the Pasific Ocean – it’s almost hard to believe some was that crazy. And I like T. Heyerdahl, I have always liked to read about his expeditions (and also personal life), so for me this museum is a place where I would always go back. 

 Fram museum: Adults    100 kr, Children and students   40 kr
Kon-Tiki: dults    100 kr, Children and students   40 kr
Viking Ship museum: Adults 80, children under 18 free


8. Munch-museet for me is absolutely a must-see place, because E.Munch is one of favorite painters. I don’t know if it is as interesting for people who are not interested in Art. I still recommend to visit it. They usually also have an exhibition of contemporary art in the museum. At the moment there is an exhibiton “Edvard Munch + Jasper Johns” (check out morehere)

Entrence fee adults 100-120NOK
Under 18 free

9.  Not that I have been to Tusenfryd amusement park myself, BUT I have always thought that one day we just have to go there. And I believe when travelling with children, it is a must, especially when the poor ones have been to a museum after another;) 

Check their homepage

10. Astrup Fearnley museum is a place I haven’t visited yet, but I still know that this is a place I recommend YOU to visit. I think this must be one of the coolest art museums in the world. And just look at the building itself, it’s a sightseeing on its own. So when you are walking on Aker brygge, Tjuvholmen, where the museum is located, is right there. 

Entrence fee adults 120NOK
Students 80NOK
Under 18 free

That’s all about Oslo this time. It is not a classical historically beautiful town where each building is a sightseeing itself with a long history to tell, but there is something about Oslo. It’s inviting. I like the town.  Next time we’ll meet in Lillehammer. Via blog. But when you are here, don’t forget to visit my little shop on Storgata 91, 2 floor. @nesteesti on Instagram:) 

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