Have you heard the saying “so close, yet so far”? I think that is just the right expression I could use to describe my relationship with Hotel Oru. I have stood at the door of Hotel Oru on at least five or six occasions, never ending up inside. I once even had a reservation for a night, but on the last minute, I needed to be somewhere else for work, so I had to cancel my reservation. Back then, a couple of years ago, my job took me away from the hotel, but this year my job brought me back here at one point. Not only to spend the night, but even so that through this blog, I will be bringing to you the news of Hotel Oru and other topics related to tourism.


Who is this impersonal me? Let me introduce myself. I am  a 35-year-old travel and hotel enthusiast, so I dare say I know a thing or two about the very essence of hotels. Who is a hotel enthusiast? It is probably not a real term, but how would you call someone whose hobby is to visit and compare hotels? I reckoned “hotel enthusiast” would be just fine. Only five years ago, I was probably one of the customers that employees feared and disparaged. I always found something to criticize, I was never a hundred percent satisfied, I could be disturbed by the smallest of things, and I made a mountain out of a molehill quicker than a sports car accelerates from zero to a hundred. However, my attitude has changed with years of experience. There is a difference between criticism, constructive criticism and simply whining. A bad mood and a bad day create an atmosphere that is subsequently transferred to things that otherwise would not matter. I have learned to assess, not criticize hotels. It was while assessing a hotel that I finally ended up inside Hotel Oru.


Over years, my acquaintances and relatives have spent many nights in this hotel – it would be hard to find a better place to spend the night during the Song Festival – and it is precisely these relatives and acquaintances that I had arranged to meet at the hotel. I just never made it inside. Come to think of it, that is not true, I have sat on the terrace of the hotel’s restaurant, sipping wine as I observed the Song Festival folks bustling around. I already told you how I had to cancel my reservation due to work, and obviously, there were no free rooms left for the Robbie Williams concert. So until now, this hotel has been an old and familiar place for me on the one hand, while on the other, it has been completely unknown.





By now, things have changed. I know the hotel. I know its very essence. What makes it different. Special offers. Promotions. We have become acquainted. I hope you will, too.

If you are looking for a hotel in Tallinn now. Here is a reason WHY you should book a room in this hotel (link to homepage) . They donate 2€ on your behalf to the DUCK RACE  charity (link) on each prepaid night you spend with them.

The Duck Race is a charity event called to life in 2014 by the Estonian Association of Parents of Children with Cancer (EAPCC) – the objective of the rubber duck swimming competition is to raise awareness of the situation of children with cancer and their families and invite businesses as well as private individuals to contribute into efforts aimed at helping such children and families.


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