Hiking in my ballerinas

A week ago I was so lucky to visit this lovely little mountainhotel in Rondane naturepark. It is the oldest and said to be the prettiest nature parks in whole Norway. It is hard to describe the beauty of this park with photos and words, you have to visit the park. Close your eyes and sense the mountains. Over 2000 metre-high tops decked in snow, the rays of sun on landscape, tranquilillity. The sun is shining but the temperature is low, the wind is blowing. The landscape with towering mountains is almost magical and the knowledge that you are in one of the most beautiful places in Norway makes it special.

In the middle of  this beauty one will find Høvringen Fjellstue. It is one of the oldest mountain lodges in Rondane which has been in the same family for more than 120 years. Their guestbook dates back to 1903, but they have been welcoming guests since the 1890’s. Today the hotel is run by 3. and 4. generation – mother Marit and son Tormod. They are the ones welcoming you when you enter the fjellstue.
It is hard to see this hotel as a hotel, as you can see history of the family in each corner of the house. Marit proudly shows you the chair her great grandfather made. It is a strange mixture of visiting a grandmother and a museum. The warm and good feeling when sitting by the fireplace and drinking hot cocoa after a hikingtrip in the mountains.  Or sitting in the “living room” enjoying the view. And it sure is magical waking up in total quietness to these views.

I got this urge to climb the highest mountains (as they seem so near when looking from the window) the moment I opened my eyes, but unfortunatley I discovered I had forgotten my hiking boots and you do not go far in your ballerinas. The whole evening I had laughed at my husvand who had forgotten a warm jacket, guess who was laughing when I didn’t find my boots in the suitcase…

I still went for a little walk, but really at 7 AM it was quite cold, so make sure you take with you warm clothes when you go there. Even if it is summer, it is cold in the mountains. But you knew that, right?
Our room was really nice. For me it was as Norwegian as it can get. Everything from wood – I remember when I moved to Norway first time 18 years ago it confused me, I didn’t like this style too much, but this time it was like coming home to one of my hostfamilies from Rotary-times. The hotel is closed for couple of months from the end of September, but they open again in the winter and I have this crazy idea to go back there in wintertime. “Remember “Shining”?” my husand joked, but somehow I don’t think Jack Nicholson will be there waiting for us. When we go back in the winter, I hope we can stay at a cottage. It seems so cozy.
Before breakfast we played, or tried to play chess. I had never in my life played it before, it seems so complicated. My husband tried to teach me and I must say it was quite fun, but I couldn’t rememeber all the rules, so I was happy when our daughter joined in and “saved” me from defeat.
The food in this hotel is exceptional. Again I thought of one of my hostfamilies, where creamy au gratin potatoes accompanied with brown sauce, beautiful lamb and vegetables was one of the dishes which was served in the weekends or holidays where whole family got together. It tasted so good then and it tasted so good now. I didn’t remember how much I had loved the brown sauce. Our daughter seemed to enjoy the meal as well and when a child likes the food, it sure must be good…


Before you go hiking you can pack a lunch bag and fill thermos with hot coffee or tea. How sweet is this? Yes, this is a lovely hotel and I am so glad I got the oppertunity to be there with my family. I mean, I am used to visiting the hotels with my daughter, everyone already knows that, but that my husband also got to be with us, that was such a blessing.
Thank you, Høvringen Fjellstua for a wonderful stay! 
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2 thoughts on “Hiking in my ballerinas

  1. See koht tundub nii tuttav!
    Minuga juhtus suht sarnases ööbimiskohas Norras selline lugu..olime kooriga ringreisil (ma olin vast 12 või nii) ning juba reisi kolmas nädal. Magasin kämpingus madratsil põrandal pea ukse poole ja jalad akna poole. Öösel nägin unes et käisin ujumas. Hommikul ärgates olid mu jalad ukse poole, pea akna poole ning uks irvakil. Nii sain teada, et lapsepõlves kummitanud uneskõndimine, kummitas mind nüüd ka koorireisil. Väärib mainimist, et magasin magamiskotis ning see oli läbimärg.
    Ja see kordus ka järgmise suve Šveitsi-Prantsusmaa reisil, kui ma kõndima minnes olin nari ülemisel korrusel, ning sealt alla sadasin.
    Edaspidi pandi minu toa uks ööseks lukku 🙂 aga kodumaal pole seda juhtunud.

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