I’m a walking mombie and I think I’m going to be like that for a while.

In last 2, 8 years  have become ten years older. To put aside that I am on an emotional level with a  teenager my body feels 10 years older and I feel I look 10 years older. Bags under my eyes are not Chanel, they are from sleeplessness. And whenever people ask me why we don’t want another kid, I just answer honestly: I have been too tired for the last years and I think I will not handle looking like a 54-years old at the age of 34. I have been a mombie  (=mom + zombie) for too long for my liking.

That is why I ALWAYS say yes to a little getaway (God knows, we have not had too many childless moments) and a spa treatment. To get away from everyday and the kid is sometimes the best thing. Last time we were in Estonia we stayed at Meriton Park Inn (LINK) and of course I saied “yes” when I was also offered to test a spa treatment at Meriton Welness Spa.

I feel I have neglected my looks a bit after becoming a mother and you know when you are in the age of 35+ it is not the wisest thing to do. Facials and good skin products are essential at this age. Have I also told you that I love the sun, but have never used a sun block, that I have smoked for many years (stopped when was pregnant) and like wine? If we add over two years of sleeplessness to this, this is the face you get. A tired one.


So, let me tell you again how thankful I am to every possibility to pamper my face. Better late than never?

 I had to choose between the following treatments: INTENSIVE VITAMIN C INVIGORATING AND COMPLEXION IMPROVING TREATMENT (Anesi 45 min 52.00 €)  or INTENSIVE FIRMING “MARINE” FACIAL TREATMENT WITH SPIRULINA ALGAE MASK (Annemarie Börlind 60 min 55.00 € ).  I actually would have liked to take both of the treatments, because it would have ment 45+60 minutes me-time in peace and quite, but I knew my company will starving in the hotel room, if I stay longer than needed, because they of course could not go eating on their own, so I great-heartedly chose the shorter treatment;)

And it felt SO GOOD. It feels heavenly when someone touches your tired face, talks calmly to you, and you just feel like you want to stay there forever, fall asleep while someone is massaging your face. Oh the  glorious beauty and wellness feeling, forgetting the mombie inside you, just enjoying! 45 minutes went quickly! Too quickly. I am not sure if one treatment in a long period (last I had  a facial was a year ago!), but the fact is that for some time the skin feels much fresher and more radiant. For some time the extra ten years and not-Chanel-bags disappeared from my face.

Special thanks to cosmetician. She was really sweet. A professional service and smiles are  one of the reasons why I choose some spas, hotels, restaurants, shops over others.


The Spa and Welness center is one of the largest health and beauty spas in the city, but still the atmosphere was calm and relaxing. I was really surprised, that 1) the Wellness part was so big and 2) that despite of that it felt very cozy. It offers a variety of private treatments including massages and facials, while the Sports Club provides fitness classes and advanced exercise equipment. You can rejuvenate at the Aqua & Sauna Center, home to 4 different saunas, 2 pools, 2 whirlpools and Kneipp pools (LINK).

I was thinking where to take a group of Norwegians who are coming to Tallinn to a spa-holiday in August, I didn’t want to go outside Tallinn, but had not found a hotel that offers everything and has good location, now I am almost 100% sure they will be staying at Park Inn By Radisson Meriton Tallinn.

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