Just one word. Perfect.

I have been away from Estonia for a year now and I honestly must tell I don’t know where home is – is it in Lillehammer, Norway or in a small village outside Keila, in Estonia. But the moment plane lands in Tallinn the question of home disappears,  I know I am back home, I LOVE TALLINN (and Tartu, and Viljandi and Haapsalu and…well, you get the point, I LOVE ESTONIA).

I was lucky to be invited to stay at Park Inn by Radisson Meriton Conference & Spa Hotel (link to homepage) and you know how I always say that big is without personality and boring, but this hotel is FAAAAAR from booring. It is a perfect place in the middle of Tallinn. It lies close to Old Town, Parliament, the train station, the bus station and the airport. Situated in one of the most vibrant areas of the city, the hotel provides a perfect starting point for discovering historical attractions, theatres, shopping areas and restaurants. Public transportation to and from the hotel’s setting near Tallinn city centre via trolley bus makes it even easier to explore.  The Old Town, Kalamaja “the local hipsterville”, Seaplane Harbour and many many sightseeings in Old Town are nearby and all worth a visit!  And honestly the closness to the fabulous Old Town is so inviting that you just want to go for a walk. And take a “joyride” with public transportation, because your 2,7years old daughter thinks this is the best amusement ever invented. I didn’t mind. Being away from Estonia makes me appreciate sightseeing in hometown more than ever.


But let me tell you about the view from the hotel room – the view to Toompea and Alexander Nevskij Cathedral makes you go wow.


The rooms are spacious (we stayed in a one bedroom suite) and Scandinavian. I just sat there, admired the view in silence (because our daughter was busy trying to understand why the walls are seethrough and this gave me and my husband the possibility to enjoy at least a quarter SITTING in one place, without someone demanding us to go somewhere or to fetch something for her). Yes, a glass of wine was also enjoyed.



The hotel felt really cozy and made me feel like I am at home. I think one of the reasons was the clever way the interior designer introduces Estonia by carpets on the floor which are inspired by Estonian national costumes. I think the Norwegain bunader are one of the prettiest in whole world, but Estonian national costume is just so cozy. Made me think of the Song festival. By the way, did you know that Estonian national costume reflected the social postion, marital status, age difference and origin of the wearer? A cool fact, right?

While I was pampered in wellness part of the hotel, my husband and daughter enjoyed the pool and sauna. Win-win for everyone. One of the best feelings now, after becoming a mother, is the feeling of silence and someone pampering my tired face (sleepless has left a mark in my face:). The 40 minutes of heaven went to soon.

And the breakfast. If you love goooooood breakfast, this is the hotel for you. It  was a hotel for us. Perfect in so many ways!




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