Rhubarb pie and OOTD with wellies

The weather is so nice at the moment that it would be a sin to stay inside, and in Norway you never know when the weather turns and it starts to rain or snow. I swear, in the news this morning, they said somewhere in Norway it may snow. 
I am not the best baker as I have told hundreds of times, but fresh rhubarb is always too inviting and I do love all kind of rhubarb pies and cakes, also  I enjoy doing it  together with Ida, because this is one of the few things where we understand the assignment somewhat same way. I of course prefer things to be in the bowl, but she seems to like when half of the ingredienses are on the floor. I was not sure if the cake will be eatable, because Ida but everything I told not do into the bowl, but to my surprise it was tasty and even looked satisfactory ( I managed to forget it to the oven for a bit too long).
Why our princess Elsa has decided to wear wellies in this weather beats me, but I have stopped trying to understand. As long as she’ s happy. And it may be a fashion blogger thing. OOTD or something.











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