When there is a delay

I was supposed to pick up someone from Gardermoen, but there was a three hours delay with departure from Riga, so I thought this must be a sign. A sign to finally go visit Eidsvollbygningen nearby. I have lived in Norway all together four years and always said that I want to see this building, but as you understand…I never did. 

To start from the beginning I at first wanted to take train to Gardermoen and stay at a hotel in Oslo, but then I looked at rental cars prices (which for my are terrifying, almost 10 times more expensive than in Estonia!) and as it cost almost the same as hotel+train, I chose the rental car. I wonder if the plane had been delayed also if I had taken the train? 

I had three hours and a car (God, how good it was to drive with automatic gear for a change), so Eidsvoll it will be I decided! It was beautiful! The only sad part is that I had noone to share this beauty with and I decided it would be wrong for me to visit the house alone. I want to share “my Norway” with someone. I walked in the park and thought about the history. 

What is i that makes the Eidsvoll House so special? 

Eidsvoll House (Eidsvollsbygningen) is a house full of exciting history! For Norwegians it is one of the most important national symbols, inextricably tied to the constitution, independence and the dramatic events of 1814, which are celebrated on the 17th of May every year. This is why Eidsvoll House became Norway’s first national monument in 1837. Numerous extensive restoration operations have all been directed towards recreating the historic site of the birth of the modern Norwegian state.However, Eidsvoll House is more than just a monument to politics. An ironworks was situated here since the early 1600s, and a works owner residence dating from approximately 1770 constitutes part of the main building. When Carsten Anker created his luxurious residence around the turn of the 19th century, it became one of the country’s most modern private residences and was modelled on French and Danish ideals. Anker’s passionate attention to detail and sure sense of style is reflected in everything from the neo-classicist architectural main features down to the details of the interior.

I hope the photos show a little bit of the beauty of this house from outside. Now I want to go in! My mom and sister will visit me soon, maybe we should come here? After all we are used to drive long distances by car and Lillehammer is only 1,5h away.

And look at this amazing little villa! It is the sweetest cutest most romantic kindergartens I’ve seen in my life. Looks like Pippi Longstocking’s house doesn’t it? How cool it must be to go to kindergarten like this. Called a “Duckling”. 

It was peaceful and quiet in Eidsvoll, it was like walking in another century. In 1814:) A perfect place for a family picnic. I do hope my mom is willing to drive here in June, I think the museum will be worth a visit!

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