Villa Villekulla

Almost ten years ago when we moved to our house in the middle of nowhere, people asked us “Why?”. Why do you want to live away from the city, where there is nothing to do? We didn’t have an answer, we just felt this is the right thing to do. The peace and quietness, the surroundings, the atmosphere – everything just felt right. We have always had a lot of guests, because everyone says it’s a perfect place to “charge the batteries”, for a small vacation. After a while people stopped asking why we moved there. They understood the decision.

This year we decided to list our home at airbn site. We call it Villa Villekulla after Pipi Longstocking. There is no Pipis living in our house, but in a way it is a “villa villekulla”. It’s not your regular perfectly polished place, there are things still waiting to be fixed, there are things already waiting for a renewal, it’s a neverending project, always changing, because one day I like the walls to be green and the next I feel everything needs to be white. The house has our face – it’s playful, childish, but has a personality. You’ll feel it, when you’re there.

There are two bedrooms upstairs and guestroom (the middle room). You will find pillows, blankets, linen in the cupboard in the main bedroom.

On the first floor there is a living room with fireplace and kitchen. One bathroom with bathtub and toilet.

You will find our personal things in the house -books, toys, dvd’s, candles. We have not put them away to boxes, because when we are not hosting we actually live in the house and one of our ideas is to make our guests feel like they know us, like they are there to visit us. Not staying at a hotel, but at friends’ house. Feel free to use bathoils, soaps, bodylotions, olive oils, jams, cereals, candles or chocolate in the drawers. Feel yourself at home! Of course we would prefer you leave our personal belongings to the house when you leave, but you knew that without saying, right?

Our house is not big, but it has been big enough to host 13 men who wanted to learn how to make a perfect breakfast, it has been big enough for family reunions and gatherings with friends.

There is not much to do in “Villa Villekulla” – as said it is in the middle of nowhere, which is not a bad thing if you like nature and privacy, it’s not accesible by public transportation, but nearest town Keila is 5km from our house and the train connection to capital Tallinn is very good and taxi takes you further for 5-7euros/one way.
I would suggest you to rent a car ( is a very good choice), because there are so many beautiful places worth to visit nearby. Keila-Joa waterfall, manors, ruins of old castle, old prison (which is underwater now) made to a cool tourist attraction and beach. I will write a separate post about sightseeings/places to go next (stay tuned!)

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I hope you will like Villa Villekulla as much as we do. WELCOME to our home! We are always at home, except when we are not as the welcome sign says;)

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