When I travel, things happen

Well. Whenever I travel, things happen. Especially in Sweden. Not bad things, but just small adventures that make the stays memorable. Broken cars, missing tickets, wrong destinations – this kind of things.

Last week I was on Gastronord expo in Stockholm and of course I needed a hotel to stay. I have been to Sweden thousands of times as you know, but I don’t know much about city. I mean if you tell me “Brännkyrkagatan” it says nothing to me. It can be in Södermalm or Östermalm, or further away – I don’t know. I only know Götgatan – because Emmaus second hand is located there, I know Södermalm – because Götgatan is there, I know Gamla Stan – because everyone knows that and I know Gärdet – because this is the stop where you get off subway when taking the ferry to Tallinn. That’s it.

So it does not come as a surprise to me that I at first tried to check us in to a wrong hotel. I was pretty sure that I had booked a hotel on Södermalm, but when I googled Hotel Hellsten it gave the address on Östermalm. Well, well, I thought and that’s where we headed. OF COURSE it turned out that there are two partner hotels – Hotel Hellsten on Östermalm, and Hotel Hellsten Malmgard on Södermalm! Of course. Our hotel was Hotel Hellsten Malmgard on Brännkyrkavägen 110, on SÖDERMALM.

I had choses this hotel 1) because of location in Södermalm (and yet again I didn’t suspect anything when I googled different location for its address) and 2) distance from T-bane (subway). We arrived by ferry and travelled this time without car, and for me it was very important that with suitcases, stroller and a baby (can I still call a 2,5yrs old a baby?) I don’t get into any extra adventures. And it actually extreamly easy to find the way from port to the hotel. You take line13 (Ropsten towards Norsborg) from Gärdet T-bane stop to Zinkensdamm and there it is – this romatic cozy three stars hotel. 150m to walk. Max.

The hotel has been known as Queen Christina”s Hunting Palace, the story from 1770 is in the walls. Strong colors in the rooms” walls, furniture in typical Gustavian style, some antiques from different parts of the world and articles from exciting places spiced with unexpected details. Unique original fireplaces, some of the brand Gustafsberg, are remaining in the building.
The buildings are built around around the cobblestoned yard, contributing to a cultural environment that is being experienced with graceful shivers. There is also an old chestnut tree in the yard, which was planted when the building was built 240 years ago. All this contributes to the feeling that time and the centuries stand still.


Whenever possible I try to choose small hotels with personality for my stays. unfortunately it is not always affordable, I also feel that this hotel was quite pricy (from 1690SEK small doubel room), but still for me the stay gets another dimension when staying in hotels that are unique. Hellsten Malmgard definately is.

And the location could not be better. Just a walk from Gamla Stan, with beautiful parks nearby (the cherry trees were blossoming), peaceful and quiet. Breathtaking views. Not to forget shopping and nightlife. Södermalm, the “hipsterville” as we call it, has everything. For every taste.


PS: I could write what more happened on this trip, like I lost my t-bane card at least twice, we got lost, when we tried to show my aunt HOW EASY it is to take the t-bane, we had booked return tickets back to Estonia for wrong date and I got a food poisoning, but hey…THINGS HAPPEN WHEN I TRAVEL.

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