That annoying shop in Lillehammer*

There is this one shop on main street in Lillehammer you just cannot miss. The “Folk og Røvere”  shop.  It is especially hard to miss it at the moment when it looks like a ginger bread house. Or a house from Hansel and Gretel fairytale?  What a genious idea for Christmas I thought when I first saw this. Absolutely fabulous. A part of me applauded for their creativity and the other part was green of envy.  As you have understood I also have a small shop in Lillehammer and we all try to do our best to get the customers, but I must honestly say that no one comes even near Folk og Røvere when it comes to creative thinking. l absolutely adore what they are doing. But you do understand why I say they are annoying? Their tough girls, hard competition to beat.


But there is more to this shop than an amazing exterior. At the moment you walk into the shop, you fell in love. It’s the atmosphere, the aura, the feeling, the smell. Everything is perfect. A cozy and a bit perfectly messy little interior and clothes, gifts shop. Yes, yet again I have to say “annoyingly perfect”.

Oh, and when it comes to goods, I think I am safe to say they also have the best choice in town. Okay, Cathinkas Stue and Spot also have a great choice of women’s clothes, but when it comes to childrens fashion – no one can beat this little shop.

I cannot wait to show you the absolutely adorable pink coat Britt Ida got from her Norwegian grand aunt! It was -70% off and for 540 kroner we got a coat that makes every little girl a Fashionista. Now we only miss a hat, a scarf, shoes, dress, skirt, shirt from this shop;) Note to self: buy lottery. woman. It doesn’t help praying for that million on lotto if you don’t buy the ticket!

So, when in Lillehammer, this is the place to visit if you love nice (and a bit pricy) things. You probably will not miss the shop anyway, when you walk on the main street, but just in case, here’s also the address. Storgata 48.

*I hope you all understand that the “annoying” is not in any ways ment to offend or hurt anyone, but a compliment from a competitor;)


When the shop looks like made of cookies and candies…


…this can happen

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