Kui mulle mõni väljend (või pigem suhtumine) ei meeldi, siis on see yolo. You Only Live Once. Elad vaid ükskord. Kõlab ägedalt, aga tegelikult on see lame vabandus nõmedustele, mida me korda saadame.

Eile leidsin ühets vanast lemmikblogist (Tannu, no palun hakka uuesti blogima!) postituse yolo kohta. Rohkem paremini ei oleks saanud kirjutada.

My first encounter with ‘yolo’ happened a year ago when I found a bracelet from the floor with the words ‘yolo’ written all over it. I didn’t know at that point what ‘yolo’ stood for. Nonetheless, I started wearing the bracelet with certain pride. I was proud about my found because ‘yolo’ sounded cool.

I was lucky, because my gay friend, who is younger than me, noticed my new bracelet and he couldn’t believe I would consider wearing such bracelet. My ‘yolo’ moment of happiness faded. I realised that ‘yolo’ isn’t cool. Drunk driving with attitude is ‘yolo’, or calling girls bitches and being macho proud about is ‘yolo’, or shooting kangaroos with a shot gun is so ‘yolo’. I removed my ‘yolo’ bracelet straight away.

The Urban Dictionary explains ‘yolo’ as follows: “The dumbass’s excuse for something stupid that they did. Also one of the most annoying abbreviations ever.”

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