Almost like my second home

I have always been a bookworm, when I was a child I read more than an avarge child maybe does. One of my favorite books was “Lolita”, I read it when no one saw, because I felt it is a bit too adult and maybe my mom would not like me to read it. I never asked her and never let her see that either.

What does it have to do with my stay at “Oru” hotel? Well, when I was walking up stairs I walked by a bookshelf and the first book I noticed was “Lolita”. I started laughing, childhood memories came to my mind, I took it with me to hotel room to see if the book still talks to me, like it did more than 20 years ago, when I was 13-14. Of course it did. It’s a classic. From that moment I say “Lolita” in this hotel, I felt like home.

Of course this is not the only reason I like staying at “Oru” hotel when in Estonia. I L-O-V-E this cozy little hotel. It’s nothing fancy, but you feel welcome the moment you walk in, it’s like coming home or to friend’s house. It’s small and personal. I understand that people on bussiness trips often choose this hotel, but believe me, it’s not a bussiness hotel. It is a nice “home” for everyone.


The location could not be better. Only some kilometers from the city center and surrounded by so many places worth a visit (read about my walk here). Last I stayed in “Oru”  was during the Estonian Blog Awards and I didn’t actually have too much spare time. You know how it is to get ready for women before going out, right?  Choosing what to wear etc?


But the surroundings are so inviting that I just had to take a walk to Kadriorg park to see the Charity Duck Race. I almost wanted to go to Art Museum KUMU as well, but I understood that I may not have time for that if I don’t want to be late for the bloggers event. Next time definately, because KUMU is one of my favorite museums and when staying in hotel so close to it. it’s almost compulsory;)

But more about the hotel. This time I stayed at family room, which was a bit ironic as I was on a little vacation away from family:D It is a spacious room and ment for a “classic family” with 2 adults and 2 children, but the bed is big enough for one both parents and a child, so when you are looking for a hotel with suitable family room for a 2 adults + 3 kids “Oru” is an option.

Each room features a air-conditioning, hair dryer, an LCD TV, a direct dial phone, and a desk. Bathroom is equipped with floor heating and shower. The rooms offer free WiFi access. Some rooms come complete with a spacious balcony.

PS: Window curtains have darkening qualities, which is always to prefer when staying at a hotel with (small) child(ren). And also pets are allowed to the hotel.

There is only one minor thing I would have liked. Fresh flowers in the room. I know this may be  something only I think about, but I feel when situated in such a beautiful place surrounded with nature and parks, it would give the hotel a little extra. Something that the guest could not expect?


When it comes to breakfast I am always a bit picky. Or not picky, I know what a hotel breakfast is about, but I like the hotels where breakfast in presented nicely and not like in a canteen, much better. A nice brekfast gives a good start to the day. I forgot to take a photo, but i assure you that the bacon was crispy, the pastry fresh and the coffee tasty. Like it’s supposed to be. I was not the only one satisfied with the breakfast. I heard a German couple giving their compliments to the waitress.


When I left the hotel I was “welcomed back again” and I know I will. Next stop: Sweden.


Booking :+372 6033 302
Info: +372 6033 300

Narva mnt 120 B, Tallinn 10127, Estonia
Fax: +372 6012 600


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  1. Your stay sounds great! It’s not often you manage to get good quality and crispy bacon at a hotel breakfast 🙄 Btw, my experience with Lolita was the same as yours, I read it in secret too 😊

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