“You can be gorgeous at thirty, charmimg at forty, and irresistible for the rest of your life” (Coco Chanel)

No, I am not about to write about the Estonian Blog Awards to brag about the 2nd place in my category or discuss the dramas or…I just remembered that a lot of Norwegians use the oppertunity to go to spa or hairdressers, because I now know HOW MUCH THIS COSTS in Norway and I wanted to share my latest favorite in Tallinn.

Like all women I also want to look pretty, the problem is that I have NO make up or hairdo skills whatsoever, which pretty much means that 99% of the time I am looking like Little My, but when I go to a party I want to look better than that. That is why I need a hairdresser and cosmeticians. Last 4-5 years I have always went to the same salon in Keila, but this time I woke up too late, I didn’t realize that there are school graduations and other summer parties. They had no times available. I panicked and started googling.

Do you know HOW MANY HAIRDRESSERS there are in Talllinn? it’s insane! How can I choose? I almost wanted to give up, but remembered that nine years ago before our wedding I went to a salon in Kaubamaja. I googled it. The salon was still there, not the same name and concept, but they had a free time. I decided to take the chance.

The salon was called Chloe (LINK) and  is situated in old Kaubamaja part of Viru Keskus. I didn’t have too high hopes when going to the salon, but I thought if they at least can make me look a bit better, it’s already a win.

I was feeling like s**t in the morning and the person who looked at me from the mirror was not a 35 years old Eveliis, but an old sad woman, when I came out from the salon, I was not only satisfied with the hair and make up, but the hairdresser and cosmetician had managed to boost my confidence, make me feel pretty from inside and I FELT REALLY PRETTY.

The hairdresser/cosmetician Stanislav (yes, it’s a man!) makes wonders. Forget all the “star”-hairdressers in Estonia, they are yesterday’s news. When you need a boost and a little make over, Stanislav and Chloe Beauty Salon is the place to go to.


Foto: Raido Link, Delfi

I don’t remember when I last got so many compliments. Perhaps on my wedding. Nine years ago!


Header photo credit: Fotoraat.

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