Oma kogemusest Placent Activ toodetega olen ma mitmeid kordi rääkinud ja ei hakka seepärast üle korrutama, et tegu on ühe mu lemmikuga. Olen kuulnud, et osadele ei sobi, et jätab juuksed kuivaks, kui aus olla siis minu ka, kui liiga pikka aega järjest kasutan, aga seepärast kasutangi ma seda kuurina ning lisaks kasutan juuste niisutamiseks juukseõli ja Turbliss juuksemaski. Mu juuste olukord on silmnähtavalt paranenud.

Mul on täiega hea meel, et Aravon maailma vallutab oma toodetega, mina omalt poolt teen kõik, et toode ka Skandinaaviasse jõuaks. Hoian pöidlad pihus, et järgnevad koosolekud edukad oleks.




Are you afraid of combing your hair in the morning, because it feels that more hair gets stuck in the brush than is left in your head? Don’t worry – using the right care products and consistency will make your hair look perfect again.

I am sure that you already know that living the right way (good nutrition, being active, getting good rest) is also benefiting your curls. But what if that is not enough? It is time to get help from trustworthy and suitable care products, to ensure healthy and beautiful hair. Have you already heard of the placenta extract that can also strengthen your hair? Placenta Activ Milano haircare products, which are the most sold products in pharmacies, include this powerful component. And not only in their shampoo and conditioner, but also in a special hair growth encouraging serum. 100% natural placenta extract gives back the shine and glory your hair is missing.


Your hair deserves the best!

Enriched with placenta extract, the product will help to protect your curls from external environmental effects. We believe in effective and high quality components – that is why no Placent Activ Milano product contain paraben, silicon, dye or mineral oils. Are you worried about dry head skin instead? Placenta extract improves also the level of moisture and elasticity on your head skin, the silk protein makes the hair soft and gives a healthy look.

Do you wish to have long and thick hair? The secret to healthy hair is here.


The process of hair falling is usual to everyone, it is normal to loose between 50-100 hair strands in a day. Of course loosing hair is related to the change of seasons. Usually, people start loosing more hair in autumn, why not try to prevent this from happening and start using the right products already in summer time.

Full of amino acids, Placent Activ Milano products stop your hair from falling and stimulate their growth. You never have to worry again for the hairballs in your brush or in the sink. When you notice that your hair have become extremely thin and fragile, try also using the serum together with the shampoo and conditioner. Regular use of the serum strengthens and nourishes your hair, helps to prevent them from falling and stimulates their growth. As a result, you will have fuller, silkier and longer hair.

Taking care the right way – shampoo on your head skin and conditioner on the ends of your hair!

 In addition to using the right products, you also have to use them the right way. Your hair is most fragile when they are wet, therefore you should comb and untangle them before washing. This way you can prevent split ends occur.

 Apply small amount of shampoo on the top of your head, massage gently until foam appears and then rinse. After rinsing off the shampoo, you should apply the conditioner only on the half length of your hair. Attention! Don’t use too much conditioner as overdosing is more likely to strain your hair rather than moisturizing.

To finish off, open the Placent Activ Milano ampoule and apply to your moist head. Massage gently and do your hair like you normally would as you don’t need to rinse them again. How easy is that!

NEW! Vitamins to encourage the growth of your hair.


Photos: Placent Activ and Myphotodotpage.

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  2. Mul talvel kukkusid juuksed välja. 2 kuuga 3/4 läinud. Täielik katastroof. Hetkel vôtan kolmandat kuud hairboost vitamiine ja uusi kasvab mühinal. Aga siiski, kanda saan neid vaid kinni…, Placent aktive vitamiinid tunduvad ka huvitavad.

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